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Scott & Scott offers an intellectually charged, challenging, and stimulating environment for legal, IT, and administrative professionals. Our team of extremely intelligent and passionate professionals is devoted to offering the best service and results possible to our clients. Although the atmosphere can be intense and demanding, it is also supportive and rewarding.

If you possess excellent credentials and are interested in becoming part of our growing team, please forward your resume to

Employee Feedback

“Generally, I think Scott & Scott is a great place to work. All of the employees work together in an environment that encourages hard work, with a little bit of fun mixed in.”

“Scott & Scott is the only place I've worked in my 10 year career to truly promote and accomplish a team-based environment. There is a very flat feel to the organization, rather than a strict hierarchy. Everyone is working towards the same goals. The office doesn't have any of the competitiveness or petty behaviors often found that can create tension between co-workers.”

“Scott & Scott does a great job of inspiring and rewarding hard work. The focus seems to be equally split between meeting business goals and helping employees feel valued and important to the firm.”

“Scott & Scott is the best place I have ever worked, the atmosphere is wonderful and everybody is friendly with one another. The business is fascinating and the management team is 100% committed to making us successful. We get all kinds of benefits that I don't know of any other company providing.”

“One thing that management does well is tune into each employee’s key strengths. Everyone is great at what they do, and because of that, everyone is productive and initiatives are implemented and managed well.”