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At Scott & Scott, LLP our legal and technology professionals strive to deliver superior service with the highest level of integrity and honesty. Our firm is founded on the premise that collaboration between legal and technology professionals is necessary to solve complex business problems. By combining these resources in one firm, we strive to serve our clients' needs better than law firms or technology services firms working independently. Today, legal and technology market forces are ever changing, and we are committed to monitoring the developing technology and emerging law in order to provide highly-focused representation.


We are committed to providing fulfilling careers and high job satisfaction for our professionals. We provide state-of-the-art facilities and resources. We ensure that our professionals know our expectations and how they can be successful. Scott & Scott's management is genuinely concerned about the happiness and professional development of our team. Our professionals have the opportunity to focus on their strengths, and their opinions matter to us. In a 2007 survey of all employees, one hundred percent of our employees said they enjoyed their work. Scott & Scott recognizes the extraordinary effort that is necessary to focus so intently on our clients' needs, and provides a number of services designed to assist our team with remaining focused.


Scott & Scott is a supporter of a number of charitable causes including Special Olympics, Texas, Westlake Academy Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Promise House, Dallas Red Cross, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, SMU Cox School of Business, Metroplex Technology Business Council, and First Tee of Dallas. In addition, through the Scott & Scott Charitable Trust, we support charities that are important to our employees by matching their contributions 3:1.


"Rob is extremely knowledgeable and proactive lawyer with strong client focus. Highly recommend."
- S.D., California Automotive Dealer

"Mr. Scott and his team have provided my organization and its over 9,000 members with a wealth of leadership, expertise, and legal advice. When it comes to IT related issues there is no other law firm I would entrust to render advice and counsel to me and my organization. Rob and his firm are at the top of their profession in the Information Technology community. I recommend Scott & Scott to all my clients and friends who are in the business. If you are in the IT profession and need a firm that is on the cutting edge of technology law, I highly recommend Scott & Scott."
- Charles Weaver, President, MSPAlliance, Chico, California

"Rob Scott has been my outside counsel since the inception of our internet based real estate company. The firm has always been responsive to the unique needs of our company and has played a strategic role in our growth. If you need a firm that really understands technology try Scott & Scott, LLP. "
- Trey Christensen, Rentsmart Apartment Locating, Dallas, Texas

"Thank you for the service you and the team and Scott & Scott, LLP have provided us here at SMMART I.T. Services, Inc. It was a pleasure working with you, especially since your service was fast, friendly, flexible and accurate. The fact that you specialize in our industry and have experience with the issues associated with it, were just icing on the cake!"
- Jerry Fetty, CEO, SMMART I.T. Services, Inc., Sterling Heights, Michigan

"I simply cannot overstate how happy I am that I hired Julie Machal-Fulks of Scott and Scott, LLP in Dallas. This is probably the most experienced firm in the country with software licensing issues. They have a systematic approach, processes, technology and in house IT staff that will save you money. Not only do I recommend Julie, and the firm; I think hiring anybody else would be a huge mistake."
- G.H., Association of Corporate Counsel Litigation Committee

"I know that we haven't talked all that often as of recent and as such I just wanted to LODGE A FORMAL COMPLAINT against Ms. Julie Machal-Fulks. Here is my basic problem.... SHE is just too nice. For instance, whenever she and I speak, she ALWAYS makes me feel good about the horrible situation that I have gotten myself into. Also, as my attorney, she is always prompt, proper and never is anything but totally efficient. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're not needed around there BECAUSE she seems to be so good at her job. THAT, my friend, is always worth looking into... Here's another issue.... she has single-handedly (or at least that is how I view it) taken on the Evil Empire, I mean the other attorneys, and has us almost at an amicable resolution on the matter. Now wouldn't everybody (except me, of course, but I don't count) be better off if this matter were stretched out for say another ten to fifteen years???? She is really watching out for my interests more than yours"
- Ron Koester, CRC Enterprises, Santa Clara, California

"Jonathan, I come from a generation where your word is your bond, and morals and loyalty existed. Even though we met through a working relationship, I felt you took my situation to another level, you lived it with me, put your heart and soul in it. We went up against one of the largest law firms in the country, and because of your efforts, we WON! I hope I never have to go into the legal fighting ring again, but if I do, I'm taking you with me, I want you in my corner! All the best, thanks again."
- Bruce Glenn, Mineola, New York

“Scott & Scott LLP not only responded immediately to my firm's web site DMCA issue, but they also moved to have it resolved with the documents and procedure that resulted in an almost instantaneous take down of the infringing party's content. This was a disturbing issue for us, and the Scott & Scott attorneys who handled the problem clearly and swiftly walked us through the process giving us real peace of mind that we were in the hands of experienced professionals. I sincerely recommend Scott & Scott to anyone dealing with web site, copyright or DMCA issues.”
- J. Michael Drake, Chairman | CEO, Master IT, Bartlett, Tennessee

“It is with great and sincere pleasure that I recommend Scott and Scott, LLP. Scott and Scott has done an exemplary job for the Waypoint Solutions Group team, writing and reviewing contracts and developing our information security program and information security incident plan. Having a trusted and competent firm to handle our specific and complex needs as an IT company, allows us to focus on and deliver the highest quality solutions for our customers. Rob Scott and the entire Scott and Scott organization display unparalleled industry expertise and professionalism, and I feel would be a great strategic partner for any growing business.”
- Dan Wilson – President/CEO Waypoint Solutions Group, Charlotte, N.C.